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My mentors

July 7, 2008

1.Gangadhar Mathad

2. Krishnakumar

3. Jaiganesh N

4. Balamurugan

5. Purushothama R

6. Durga prasad raju

7. Rafi ali khan

8. Mohammed Ismail M

I Will add more unforgetable mentor’s names later…

I have made a list of my favorite movies on english movie thriller genre..

1) Saw – I

2) Final Destination – I,II

3) Grind house – Death proof

4) Sixth sense

5) Wrong Turn II

6) Momento

7) shooter

8)28 days later


Folks please do post your comments. If you have a list of your favriote english movies you can post on your comments.

Maintaining an active blog has been one of the best decisions I ever made in terms of my career. I feel that every designer could greatly benefit from running a blog if they have the desire to share their thoughts with others. Here is my list of 10 reasons for designers to blog.

1. Increased Exposure

Vandelay Website Design gets far more exposure as a result of this blog than it would from any other method, outside of spending a ton of money on advertisements. Without the blog, 99% of those who have heard of us probably never would have. There’s obviously no shortage of designers and design firms out there, so we all need to stand out in one way or another. In my opinion, a blog is as good a way as any.

2. Improved Name Recognition

With the competitive nature of the design business, having a name that is recognized by potential clients can be an advantage. A blog is just one way that you can achieve name recognition, but it is a very achievable method.

3. The Learning Experience

Writing new blog posts can be a challenge that constantly builds your knowledge and your ability as a designer. Personally, I like the fact that I can produce content for the blog and learn at the same time. By writing blog posts that will challenge your knowledge and abilities, you can improve your overall performance as a designer by learning on the go.

4. Networking

Whether you design for a firm or whether you freelance out of your home, networking with other designers, SEOs, marketers, and potential customers can make your work more enjoyable and productive. With a blog, networking online is a natural occurrence and you will be blown away by the connections that you can make so easily.

5. Helps Customers to Find You

A blog can bring potential customers to you in a number of ways. They could come to your site through search engines, through social media, or through a link to one of your posts. They could even be one of your subscribers that follow you on a regular basis. Publishing a popular blog will bring plenty of new people to your site that can potentially turn into business.

6. Improved Content on Your Site for Search Engines

As I just mentioned, potential customers may find your site through search engines. With a blog you will have far more pages indexed than you would otherwise, plus it will be fresh content that covers a variety of design-related topics and draws search traffic for a much greater number of keywords and phrases. Just having a small design portfolio will not give you a very good chance of drawing search engine traffic because the web design market is so competitive. However, with a blog you can easily build up search traffic over time.

7. Improved Communication Skills

As a blogger you will be constantly improving your writing and communication skills. While these skills are important in just about all aspects of life, they are especially valuable skills for designers who need to be able to effectively communicate with clients and other designers. With a blog you can develop skills that will make your projects more successful.

8. Demonstrate Your Knowledge

When prospective customers visit your blog they will be able to see that you know what you’re doing and that you are a qualified designer. While a portfolio can demonstrate your technical design ability, a blog will allow you to put that knowledge into writing and go a step further towards showing customers that you are the one for the job.

9. Potential Promotion When Needed

Once you have built up a decent number of subscribers you will have the ability to promote your work to an interested audience. Say you are having a bit of a slow time when you could use some additional work. Why not publish a blog post that announces a short-term discounted price to your blog readers? Rather than spending considerable time and money to find a new project you may be able to get quick results by simply reaching out to those who subscribe.

10. Variety of Work

One of the nice things about blogging is that it can break up the monotony of your work and give you something different to do. Designers obviously enjoy designing, but sometimes it is nice to mix in another worthwhile activity like writing blog posts.

I was struggling to run a flash application in a web browser which is executing a JavaScript function from action script.

For instance: on(Release){getURL(“javascript:openResults();”)}

Flash application was embedded in a HTML page and I was trying to load in a web browser. I was getting an error alert when I executed that function by clicking a flash button.

After my study and reach on this problem, I got why is that error occurred? and how to rectify the problem.

Reason for the cause:

Flash player security settings will not allow you to run any JavaScript through action script when the file is stored at your local drive. These files need to run with a web server (http) in order to run the application with out any alert.

So find the following easiest 5 steps to changing the security settings for adobe flash player to run JavaScript from action script locally.


Right Click on Hitch selector and choose Settings…


Click on Advanced… button which will take you to related webpage in adobe’s website.

Step 3:

Now you must be landed on adobe – security manager page.

Find a link calledGlobal Security Settings panelin the middle of the page and click on that link to load the advanced security settings.

Step 4:

Now you could see the advanced security settings.

Choose Always allow – radio option from the panel and then click on the Edit locations.

Step 5:

Clicking on Browse for folder… button and select your folder path to allow the adobe security setting systems to run our application locally.

After getting the selected path on that panel text area, please restart you browser.

Hey! Folks did you find useful please do post you comments.

Firebug Extension a very effective tool to debug HTML, CSS and Javascript for Mozill Firefox. No web developer can do his/her job better without this tool. Now if you wanted to fix UI for the latest Mozilla Firefox 3 then you will get some questions bubbling on your mind like,

Can we use firebug extension to fix User Interface of web pages on new Mozilla firefox 3?
How to install firebug on Mozilla firefox 3 beta 5?
And etc.

Answers are,

Yes, you can use firebug extension even though it has not yet come up with its version for Mozilla Firefox 3.
Steps to install firebug for Mozilla Firefox:

1) Type the following link on your IE browser address bar
Note: If you use mozilla firefox 3 latest version to download the extension you will see a text saying “This add-on is for older versions of Firefox” because its made for this latest version.

2) So use ie browser click download button from the above linked page to download firebug-1.05-fx+fl.xpi and save it to your local hard disc.

3) Change firebug-1.05-fx+fl.xpi to to open the zip file.

4) Open install.rdf file by double clicking on it (notepad may open) and now you can change the browser version 2.0.0 to 3.0.0 after from the rdf file code as mentioned below,
Replace the code and save
from “<em:maxVersion>2.0.0.*</em:maxVersion>” to “<em:maxVersion>3.0.0.*</em:maxVersion>”

– Codes depict the maximum support by firebug extension for Mozilla Firfox browser.

5) Change file extension to firebug-1.05-fx+fl.xpi and copy it to your local hard disc. Example path: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\extensions.

That’s it you are done with it. You have got that working extension for your new Mozill Firefox 3 browser.
Now just close your firefox 3 browser and reopen the browser. You will get Add on browser pop-up window to install that firebug xpi file as add-on to your browser.

I hope your font end development will deserve super success. All best.
Any comments? Please do reply to the post.

Hey folks, I have another approach that could help to develop web pages compatible for all the different browsers like IE 8 Beta 1, Mozilla Fireforx 3 Beta 5 , Firefox 2.

The novel approach is about get a additional CPU Box which will have Firefox 3 and IE 8 installed and could be connected by RDP (Remote Desktop) from your main CPU Box. The Main CPU box could have some older version of firefox and ie browsers. By sharing /hosting developing web pages, we could test and develop pages with RDP connection.
I hope this approach could be more useful than my first post about an approach to develop and test pages for multiple IE and Firefox browser version.

All new coming posts will be related to UI fixes and workarounds for IE 8 and Firefox 3 till every one gets hands on with these latest browsers behaviors.

<Reply to Rafi Ali Khan’s Comments: I will have posts detailed with snapshots when it’s required to make the context clear as per your advice. Thanks.>